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GotGreen Photos

    GotGreen Recycling is proud to be very active in the community.  We strive to encourage others to make recycling a part of their daily lives.  Here are a few pics of GotGreen around town and on the route.  Hope you enjoy!

   GotGreen on the route at The Oaks Apartments.

   GotGreen out on the route down in Denver!

   Our little helper recycling our bins at home...all the time helping!

   GotGreen at Long Shoals Wesleyan School for a Recycling Presentation!  Kids seemed to have fun and learned alot about the importance of recycling.  Lane Hoover (Future MLB All-Star!) stands with a bag of plastics waiting for his turn to place in the recycling truck.

   Another shot of the kids having a great time taking turns sorting the recycling.

   GotGreen at S.Ray Lowder School for a Recycling Presentation to a few Kindergarten classes!

   Another shot of the kids here at S.Ray Lowder School.

   Another pic from S.Ray Lowder. This young man has a turn taking his plastic bottle to the recycling bin just for plastics.

more to come...








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