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To sign up for Residential or Commercial Recycling & Waste curbside pick-up please complete the fields below.   Thank you and we look forward to serving you real soon!

Two Payment options for residential collection:
Electronic Draft to be drafted every 15th of the month for only $14.00 per month or send a check every 3 months for $42.00 @ $14.00 per month. If you will be adding waste pick-up to your recycling service it will be an additional 11./mo.  See the link titled "Residential Rates $" for more information.


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  Residential Recycling
Electronic Draft pmt. for 14./ mo.
  Residential Recycling
Send a check every 3 months at 14./ mo.
   Add Residential Waste Pick-up
for an Additional 11./mo.
Commercial Accounts - Send a check every 3 months.

Electronic Draft Payment Information

Please fill out the information below if you are choosing the electronic draft option for payment.  All electronic drafts will be drafted on the 15th of the month for $14.00.  The inital draft will include the 10.00 account set-up fee plus your first month of service. If adding waste pick-up to your service, your account will be drafted for $25.00/mo. every 15th of the month.

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