Reduce - Reuse - Recycle 

                     GotGreen Recycling $20.00 Summer Promotion!!!

    GotGreen Recycling welcomes you to our Summer Promotion page. We are giving away a truck load of $20.00 Visa Gift Cards starting June 1st through July 31st for a "Recycling Movement" through Lincoln County. All you have to do is to tell a neighbor, friend or family member and when two of them sign up for service you will get a $20.00 Visa Gift Card to show you our appreciation. 

    When someone goes to our website to sign up, there is a section on the sign up page that says...(How did you hear of us?) In this area is where they would type your name and you will get credit for that sign up. Every time you get credit for two referrals you will receive a $20.00 Visa Gift Card! Summer Promotion ends July 31st 2013. Referrals must be in our service area of Lincoln County.

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